We want to help you grow closer to God


We are a community of people who have encountered a life-changing God. Our mission is simple: to love God and to love others.

We create the Worship Experience

The Petra House Choir consist of a group of people bonded by the same goal of leading the church in worshipping God in spirit and truth - as He desires.

This group takes care of the music and worship needs of Petra House.


The team is driven by the core values of Petra House: their LOVE towards God and men is demonstrated in their dedication and ministrations.  Whilst making INTEGRITY their watchword, they profess their FAITH in God and encourage the congregation to do the same, in the most befitting manner as they stop at nothing to reach EXCELLENCE in all they do.

The group includes the Worship Team, the youth & children's choir and other ad-hoc choirs such as the men’s and women's choir that come together to minister during special events. There is always a space in the choir for people with like mind, and like skill.

Burden Bearers

Going by the “A.S.K.” command in Matt. 7:7 which says: “Ask, and it shall be given you; Seek, and ye shall find: Knock, and it shall be opened unto you” and His promise for us if we carry out the above command, as found in John 14:14 - “If ye ASK anything in my name, I will do it” It therefore follows that asking is one sure way to receive from God: James 4:2b.

The Prayer Team support our local Church and the church (body of Christ) at large, the Government, the Community (our immediate neighbours); the family and world at large through intercessory prayers.

As soldiers of the Cross, we are assured continued victory by our Captain whose name is also called AMEN.  

Love in Motion

We are the face and the extension of the Love of Christ to all whom He sends our way. At Petra House we believe that a church is not just a place where we come to worship but a place where our visitors feel the love of God. To achieve this, we welcome everyone (both new and old friends) into God’s house through friendly and gracious service.

We understand that church is a place where people meet friends, business associates, acquire new skills and enhance each other's lives. With this in mind, we ensure that our ‘new guests’ become friends and ‘old friends’ become even closer friends, until we all become one big family.

Our goal is to make church a place of comfort and refuge; a sanctuary where love, kindness, hospitality & support are the order of the day. Look out for us, especially after Sunday worship service…we are there to serve you.

We live by The Word

A thorough understanding and application of the word of God is a very useful, potent and important tool in the hands of every believer. It is the desire of the team to bring the undiluted word of God in practical, applicable and digestible nuggets that would make it easy for the members of the body of Christ to practice and apply the teachings of the bible to their everyday lives.


To achieve this, the team promotes discussions, questions and room to share and grow. Our goal is to see believers live in the reality of the authority that has been given to them while fulfilling their God-given purpose.

We coordinate Sunday pre-service study, Friday study and any other Christian education events.

The Link

Our unit is interconnected with all the other units in the church and serve as a platform for information about other teams, and being presented to the congregation in an engaging way.

We use various Audio-Visual means to broadcast any upcoming events, important notices, and dates for notices.

We aid ministers in the preaching of the word of God through transcription of bible verses and topical issues being discussed and we aid worship leaders in displaying words of songs being to smoothen the worship experience.


We are also responsible for the publicity drives for events, programmes, and projects and in conjunction with the technical team we are responsible for the maintenance of the technical equipment and set up of the musical instruments in the church.

Inter-connectivity is the name of our game: ensuring that all in all, our congregation is up-to-date with information and that nothing or no-one is left behind. 

Giving love all the way

The Lord Jesus left a commandment behind asking that we make disciples of all nations. It is this commandment that drives this team. Our desire is to ensure that the initial contact between the church and our friends (both old and new) translates into a life that is filled with the Love of Christ and a closer walk with Him.


This we aim to do with all forms of communication and reaching out to our friends (this could be in the form of phone calls, emails, letters, visitation etc.). Our goal is to touch all who would allow us whilst ensuring we do not invade anyone’s space unduly; to share His love and encouragement so that all can stand.

We are a team of people who have the passion and love for souls to be saved and established in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. We wish for all who come to church to know and understand that they have a home with us. If you would like more information about this team or you would want to volunteer as a member of the team, please feel free to speak with any of the members of the team. 


The purpose of our Sunday gatherings is to experience Jesus, encourage one another with the truth of the scripture, and to get to know people from our communities.



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