Women After Virtue & Excellence (WAVE), the hub for all women at Petra House.  



We are the…

Women After Virtue & Excellence (WAVE), the hub for all women at PHA.  Bringing all the women together periodically to fellowship in different settings, both formal or informal.

We Seek To…

  • Cater for the needs of ladies in PHA with the aim of developing quality and life-long friendships and to help all ladies integrate in church to ensure no one is left out regardless of status, class or cultural background.

  • Encourage women to live daily by the word of God in our capacity as wives, mothers, mentors, sisters, daughters, and all other roles we play.

  • Encourage women to participate in the activities of the church by utilising our God-given gifts and talents.

Our Vision…

We have a five-fold vision, which is not dissimilar from the ultimate PHA vision.


EXCELLENCE – Our utmost desire is to excel in all that God has called us to do, be it in the secular or in the ministry. We continue to seek after an Excellent Spirit, Excellent Mind and Excellent Bodies, until we achieve an Excellent Life.

EQUIPPING - We equip ourselves by the Word of God, organise/attend conferences, seminars, workshop and walkthroughs that will equip us for our roles as women.

BEAUTY - So that it may be said of us as in Songs of Songs 4:7, we encourage each other to bring out the beauty we have on the inside, to the outside, to become flawless before God and before man.

VIRTUE - Following the name of our ministry, virtue is our watchword and we seek to allow this to reflect in our careers, family lives, businesses, and all other areas.


FRIENDSHIP - Iron sharpens iron, we seek to develop positive, lasting friendship amongst ourselves, where we lift each other up in prayers and try to have fun in the midst of a busy life


In working towards fulfilling our vision, we organise various programmes/events/meetings, these include the following:


WAVE Prays – Monthly Prayer Meeting via Conference Call (First Day of every month 6am – 6.30am)

  • Parenthood (Workshops – Bi-Annually)

  • WAVE Retreat (Yearly)

  • Pregnant WAVE – God-centred baby showers, Praying with & for preggies

  • WAVE Socialise (Yearly Outing)

  • Charity Projects (Periodically – preferably towards Christmas)

  • And many more seminars, workshop as the Lord leads.


The women ministry is led by Tunrayo, supported by the WAVE Executive: Adebimpe and Ajibola.



Every Sunday from 10:00

Every Wednesday from